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Drip Irrigation kit for Home Garden, Self-Watering Spikes for Plants

Drip Irrigation kit for Home Garden, Self-Watering Spikes for Plants

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?? Gardening Automatic Drip Irrigation with Slow Release Control Valve Switch, Self-Watering Spikes for Plants ?? 

Don’t let your plant dry out and die off. This water spikes machine can automatically watering you plants and flowers when you are on vacation or on a business trip.

The plant watering system is made of ABS plastic, can effectively recycle. It can be repeated and applied to reduce unnecessary expenses. All self watering spikes has a long working time up to more than a year. Super durable and lasting.

Self-watering system will not be blocked by mud, will not flooded flower box. Easy to use.

?? Suitable for Different Types of the Bottles
The plant watering device is suitable for all most international standards such as cola bottles, sprite bottles, etc.
Plants also need drinking water, nothing better than making them fit. No time was wasted and money was spent on intelligent irrigation systems.
These simple irrigation systems can be installed and run in minutes. All you need just drill some holes at bottom of bottle or cut it.

?? Easy to Use
Insert the control Valve into the plant waterer
Make a hole at the bottom or cut it.
Tighten the Plant waterer to the filled bottle and regulating speed
Place the Plant Waterer into Soil

?? Taking Care of Plants is now Easier
Fits for use with potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging baskets, desk pots, hanging plants and outdoor gardens.
Whether your plants are indoor or outdoor or at garden, at home or in the office, Create a self-watering system to ensure your plants always have enough moisture.
Plant watering devices can prevent excessive watering and make plants healthier. This automatic watering spike system can ensure that your plants are hydrated. You don't have to take care of plants every day.

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