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Steel Rod Cotton Bottle Mop / Broom

Steel Rod Cotton Bottle Mop / Broom

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Steel Rod Cotton Bottle Mop/Broom 

A mop (such as a floor mop) is a mass or bundle of coarse strings or yarn, etc., or a piece of cloth, sponge or other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick. It is used to soak up liquid, for cleaning floors and other surfaces, to mop up dust, or for other cleaning purposes

Super dust absorbency capacity. Bigger size refill for fast cleaning, can reach corners easily. Easy Refill changing Mechanism. Flexible moving head Handle which is easily extendable 


Pole Material: Iron

Mop Head Material: Cotton Cloth

Cotton Mop Weight: 200 Gram

Plastic Bottle: Virgin



? Attached bottle to squeeze the mop easily

? Easy to refill

? Strong absorbency

? Powerful cleaning

? No hand contact with dirty water & maintain proper hygiene

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