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2-in-1 Soap keeping Plastic Case for Bathroom use

2-in-1 Soap keeping Plastic Case for Bathroom use

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Bathroom Accessories Plastic Soap Case / Soap Dish / Soap Stand (Sabundani)

Type:2 Sections 

A soap dish is a shallow, open container or platform where a bar of soap may be placed to dry after use. Soap dishes are usually located in or near a sink, shower, or bathtub.


A bar of wet soap relies on ventilation to dry. A number of design elements may be used to increase ambient airflow around the soap, including vented surfaces or surfaces interspersed with bumps, ridges, or slats. Mechanical ventilation has not yet become a widespread design element in soap dishes.

Superior quality

self drain soap cases which are easy to use and keep. The waterproof design of these soap cases maximizes the life of your soap by letting it drain and dry naturally. These soap cases come in beautiful assorted colors and easily accommodate most sizes of soaps.


Made up of high quality plastic and long time durability. Ideal to be used in washrooms, wash basins, kitchen sinks or common toilet area.


? The soap holder is made of high quality plastic material, it's no fade and easy to clean.

? It's practical for colourful with hollow drain container keep your accessories dry and clean.

? The flip cover, the soap or other items in it is water and dust proof.

? The holder is hollow drain design can prevent water accumulation, keep the accessories dry and clean.

? The soap holder  is made of high quality plastic material, so it's both environmental health and durable.

Designed with two soap dishes

As the soap dish has been designed with two dishes, you can use it to keep two sets of soap within easy reach. The arrangement of the soap dishes ensures that the soaps kept on them stay separated and do not taint each other

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