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Bathroom Brush with abrasive scrubber for superior tile cleaning

Bathroom Brush with abrasive scrubber for superior tile cleaning

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Multipurpose Superior Tile Cleaning Floor Scrubber Brush With Handle 

Floor Scrubber is an ideal tool for bathrooms and floors. It has Nylon fibre material with plastic handle and powerful sponge. The Scrubber makes cleaning difficult corners pretty easy. It cleans better than ordinary scrubs and lasts much longer. It is easy to hold and use and can effectively scrub out tough stains. It is ideal for cleaning Sink, Bathroom, Pool, Floor Tile, Boat Decks etc. It cleans the floor without any scratches.

Floor/Bathroom Scrubber Brush

Everyone knows that the corners of the Floor/Bathroom are generally the most stained part. Keeping this in mind, Floor/Bathroom has used a triangular shape ensuring you can reach the toughest corners. In addition your Floor/Bathroom scrubber brush has a superior web with uniformly coated aluminum oxide which ensures it removes even the toughest of stains while maintaining a consistent contact with the floor, hence reducing your effort.

Triangular Head - Reaches Tough Corners

The Floor/Bathroom scrubber brush has a unique triangular head. You would have noticed that the dirtiest parts of the Floor/Bathroom are always the corners. Traditional Floor/Bathroom brushes in square or rectangular shape reach the corners. The Floor/Bathroom scrubber brush with its special triangular design is superior to other ordinary brushes by ensuring you can reach the most difficult corners and clean them out with very less effort.

Brush Handle - Easy to Use

The Floor/Bathroom scrubber brush has a conveniently shaped plastic handle on top. While scrubbing the floor with normal brushes your hands get sore and messy. With the handle on top of the Floor/Bathroom scrubber brush you will enjoy the cleaning experience as it keeps your hands in the right posture and dry.


Volu. Weight (Gm): 514

Product Weight (Gm): 65

Ship Weight (Gm): 514

Length (Cm): 21

Breadth (Cm): 15

Height (Cm): 8

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