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3-in-1 Transparent Air Tight Storage Dispenser Container

3-in-1 Transparent Air Tight Storage Dispenser Container

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 3-in-1 Storage Container

Wow!! It perfectly fits your cupboard, you will get perfect visibility of items.You can store all variety of spices, cereals, breakfast edibles such as chocos, cornflakes and and more. Using non-toxic tasteless environmental protection high quality PP, zero-formaldehyde, reach the standard of infants and young children, 10 times than ordinary plastic solid. Easy to dose flour, sugar, rice, noodles or cereals, and even oil can be used in it. Convenient food-storage container for kitchen, 100% Airtight and watertight and are of high-quality plastic. These cereal jars preserve the cereals in kitchen, and they are dishwasher safe. This container occupies very less space in your kitchen. Kitchen Storage Plastic Containers Your Kitchen Design Inspirations And Appliances, pillar container


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